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Spencer and Joey Hit the Big Apple!

Spencer and Joey have been living out in New York for the summer and obviously it’s had an effect on them. Pigtails, colored hair...

The Karkool Show: episode 6

Karkool here without a beer, presenting you episode 6 of The Karkool Show for the eight people that look forward to watching them. I...

Irvine Sucks Montage #14

It’s been a long time since there’s been a full montage of new footage, but it’s finally arrived. We’re still figuring out these little...
Sexual Heeling

Sexual Heeling

John Demar has always had a thing for heelflips, so we decided to make a montage to celebrate his passion for the trick. Here’s...

Seoul $uckers – A Skate Trip Through South Korea

I think we decided we were going to do a skate trip to South Korea about one year ago. It was tossed around a...


Well $uckers, here it is, the full length CJ COUNTY and all of it’s glory. CJ COUNTY ASIAN INVASION video comin real soon!!